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If Natalie Dybisz aka Miss Aniela is writing the folowing down here I have to be honest … I am proud to be part of this book

… Miss Aniela: I stumbled across Peter’s work at the same time that I was looking for a fifth, male contributor.
I really wanted someone who shot portraits indoors. And here was my answer!
Not to mention the relief that I was representing someone outside of UK/US!
Peter’s work is quite astonishing.
I describe Peter’s work as a ‘more fashion-based Gregory Crewdson’ and a ‘darker Tim Walker’.
His subjects look like possessed waxworks.
Like any great artist he is addicted to making art for art’s sake, whatever the means.
He has a great ability to turn a blank wall setting into a warped scene of beauty and bizarreness.


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Peter Kemp’s attention as a photographer is focused on story tellings pictures. His images are abundant in meticulous detail of which a part of his works can be seen here on these pages.