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TEN PAGES ABOUT MY PHOTOGRAPHY in the NEW BOOK called Creative Portrait Photography by Miss Aniela

Paperback, 160 pages – out april – may 2012


Creative Portrait Photography is Miss Aniela’s second book, continuing to bend boundaries by fusing fine art with useful dialogue, making ‘art’ accessible. The book offers a whole new approach to ‘portraiture’: contextual and challenging imagery that uses location and concept in a way beyond the typical head-shot, mid-shot and deadpan portraiture.

The book also has a contributor section of photographers I handpicked, are all at the forefront of creative portraiture, strong in the book’s ethos but also diverse: Kirsty Mitchell (with images from her stunning Wonderland series), Brooke Shaden, PETER KEMP, Susannah Benjamin and Alex Stoddard.
Their work is featured alongside their text which talks intimately about their process, their backgrounds and their ambitions.

The book is loaded with valuable advice for photographers, from both a philosophical and practical viewpoint.Available to pre-order on:

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Peter Kemp’s attention as a photographer is focused on story tellings pictures. His images are abundant in meticulous detail of which a part of his works can be seen here on these pages.