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Recently I finished one of my biggest photo projects until now.
Working with lots of models, mua’s, stylists, and 3 decor makers and a painter I worked for 2 weeks on my project called Meer Verminder
I came into contact with the Vermeer centre in Delft.
This centre is exposing all beautiful  works of the  dutch painter Johannnes Vermeer
Working together with this centre I was able to create my own ” painting series ”

I made  quite a few pictures  Some of them will be  exposited in the Vermeer Centre in Delft  in october and november 2012

Here the first a sneak preview of the project.
Model on this photo is Linda Friesen a creative young  fashiobn designer.
Great help at this total project of 6 shoots: Paul and Jordy van Solm, Annemiecke Fierinck  and lots of other wonderful people who helped me.

This is just  a preview … kater more news


model Linda Friesen, vermeer, peter kemp

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