Workshop Grado- Italy

Italy – Grado the 18th-19th of may 2013

Photography Masters Conference
I just returned from the Photography Masters Conference in Grado-Italy.
I was invited  to give a lecture and doing a workshop on this conference.

Grado is a wonderful town located near Venice.
The conference itself was organised by Patrizia Burra and her husband Corrado Pipan.
And was sponsored by Nikon.

On saturday I was talking about ” Creating story telling pictures”.
And on sunday morning  my friend and collegea Ronald Koster and me did a workshop How to create story telling pictures in the right light.
Which resulted in the final photoshoot on the boulevard of Grado in the afternoon.



There was a great buch of speakers invited on this first conference:

Among them:
Miss Aniela ( a.k.a. Natalie Dybisz):
,Jamari  Lior,
Frieke Janssens!/
and my  friend Ronald Koster (

Down here some photos from this wonderful and isnpiring event


sponsored by Nikon





finally met my friend and inspiring college Miss Aniela

my lecture about creating story telling pictures


all the speakers:


with DDiarte, Nataly Dybisz a.k.a. Miss Aniela and Ronald Koster


photoshoot outside on the boulevard in Grado