march 2012: the Future of the Past

My NEW series is called: ” the Future of the Past ”

Great cooperation with the wonderful model Danielle Hack

And what about the creative work of the hairstylist?
This creative hairstylist is called Yeliz Kaya and was willing to share her wonderful hair art works within our shoot.
The  dress has been made by  Laura vd Meyden.
Her company is called: Past for Present

Do have a look at her weweb site at

All has been made in the  studio of my friend : Ron Meijer

Props: Gala Gaal




The wonderul gaunt made by Laura  is excellent presented by “my”  gourguous model Daniele Hack.
My intention was to create a kind of picturesque photo … trying to go back to old the times where painting –  and not internet  – was the thing!

This one own  is called ”  Unicorn ”   …


The third one is called the Visitor …
Daniele did great and I was glad with the props provided by my dear friend Miss Gala Gaal.