Singing Saw

the Singing Saw

The saw is generally played seated with the handle squeezed between the legs, and the far end held with one hand. Some sawists play standing, either with the handle between the knees and the blade sticking out in front of them, or with the handle under the chin (like a violin). The saw is usually played with the serrated edge, or teeth facing the body, though some players face them away.

To sound a note, a sawist first bends the blade into an S-curve. The parts of the blade that are curved are damped from vibration. At the center of the S-curve a section of the blade remains relatively flat. This section, the “sweet spot”, can vibrate across the width of the blade, producing a sound : the wider the section of blade, the lower the sound. 

models Ron B, Hesley M. and Cat Candy K.

styling Cat Candy K.