Feb 2012 : ” Paparazzi “

My  new photoseries called Paparazzi is there.
Last sunday-  19-02-2012 – we did a great shoot with a wonderful   creativepteam of people
And with the wonderful model Chantal Hanse and her paparzzi boys…

Here is one of the first pics made of the ” movie ” star: Chantal



Paparzzi is the name of this one
the Papazazzi team of creative people: Celia Wong (hair), Vivian Kramer gezegd Freher (styling – clothing ), Kiranchandra Kroegman ( mua and hair)
The wonderful model Chantal Hanse and her paparazzi boys… ( Jelle Heidema, Rudolf Vink, Mark van Dorsten, Ron Bornet and Arie van Eijsden)
The car is  a 1955 Porche.
The old camera is owned by : Art& Flywork – Rotterdam
Dress Chantal:  Lily Scarlet, Hat Ellizabeth


This one is called Movie Atar
The Dress of Chantal is made by Lily Scarlet
Hair Fascinator Pearls&Swine



another one of of our new SERIES Paparazzi This one is called ” the Catch”.
One of our wonderful models / the movie star herself is Chantal Hanse.
Chantal was Playboy Playmate of the year 2009 in Holland.
And what about her paparazzi boys…  Jelle Heidema, Rudolf Vink,Mark van Dorsten, Ron Bornet and Arie van Eijsden.
Chantal’ s dress was suppied by Topvintage