2010 -Mathilde ‘s Dress

 My series called Mathildes Dress is about the story of the Dutch actress Mathilde Willink, who saw herself as a piece of Art instead of a human being.
 The Dutch couturier Fon Leng made ” different” skirts for Mathilde … like this one.
Mathilde was a model and the second wife of the Dutch painter Carel Willink (1900-1983).

This skirt originally belonged to  Mathilde, who was found dead in her appartment in the 70-ties.
Until now nobody knows what exactly happened.
When Willink met Mathilde she was 21 and he was 60.
Mathilde was called  his nice pussycat and something nice to have in my house according to Willink.

The Dutch couturier Fong Leng made ” different” skirts for Mathilde … like this one.
Mathilde adored these skirts and bought them for prices in between 6.000 en 16.000 euro.
Mathilde can be seen as a regular model in Carel Willink’s paintings.

Mathilde was living her life in an extravagant way and loved being  in the centre of attention.
Willink also benefitted from this and became an even more famous personality and raised his prices of his paintings.

A friend of mine got herself one of Mathilde’s simple dresses – which I used for this series  – as a repayment for done sevices.
Model in this series is  the ever creative and wonderful Seraphine Strange www.seraphinestrange.com









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