In some way  Maffia storiea  got my interest 
During the years I  read lots of books about the history of the  Mob and  all the stories connected to maffiosi.
So I decided to make this series with models Yolinda Vixen and RudoX.
Corset made by Jeroen van der Klis
Musical instruments by Doll’s Music in Delft

By the way: the Thompson  gangster  machine pistol was hand made by Rudox

He made this piece of art  on  real scale from a  picture he found on the internet …   respect
The M1921 Thompson submachine gun, or more commonly, the Tommy Gun, is an American-made submachine gun often associated with Prohibition-era gangsters.
It was the Long-Range weapon of the Mafia and the Mid-Range weapon of Al Capone



Asked him if I could  buy this one, but his sure answer was …… no !
Maybe gonna exchange it for a picture of me  .. there has to be a way … love this dummy pistol.


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