june 2012 Garbage

A new series came to life in june 2012  inspired by the idea of using all  materials which can be found at the site of the street.
Dropped down  in waste paper baskets  …

A wonderful garbage dress has been made by the creative  designer Laura van derMeijden.
I asked her to use garbage bags and all kind of plastic waste materials to create this wonderful gaunt.
Great work by her … respect.
Take a look at her web site for her work  www.pastforpresent.nl

The lovely model is Danielle Hack.
Yeliz Kaya performed the creative  hairstyling.
She is a great hairstylist!


The making of ….

We also used an old parachute, which created a great backdrop imho.
At this shoot I was assisted  by a great team of enthousiastic and hard working people:
my old basketball friend the  crreative Paul van Solm,
Marco Peter ( who recorded the making of …),
Mark van Dorsten, Rudolf Vink and Laura’ s husband.

Without these guys I was nothing  .. thnkx guys!!!!!

Click on the pictures to see the bigger  versions …. please don steal my work