june 2012 – chicken and a dress

Some new stuff  I created recently with a wonderful bunch of people 
Model Cindy Bijl  and great help of Jeannette de Meijier , Mary Romein and Peter van t Wout

Working with animals on a shoot was new to me!
Had not doen that before …..
It was suprising how easy it was to work with chicken. I thought it would be a disaster,
but these ” guys ” ( the chicken)were pretty easy ro handle …. although their shit all over and it really smells.

For those interested in the making of … in a living room with chicken, an old wheel, a nest , backdrop and a wonderful bunch of people

 The first one is called Chicken Queen

peter kemp chicken queen


Lost by Peter Kemp

 Thsi wonderful  dress has been made by Laura vd Meijden  – take a look at  www.pastforpresent.nl