Beauty in the Mirror

Recently I shot new photos.

So this recent shoot was a bit more beauty than people are used from me.
But I have to be honest … it was fun!
Working with a great team in the spacious studio of Marco Peter in the Hague was great.

Hairstyling and make up was done by Hugo Portier

I was assisted by two photographers Ron Meijer and Marco Peter
They did the carrying stuff for me. So I am really grateful to them… Thanks guys!

And what about our model….the handsome miss Danielle Bouwmans.
Danielle is not only a great model, but is a talented photographer herself.
She is an easy going young lady with great posing abilities and great to work with.

So  we did a great job performing as a team.
First some photo of the making of … these photos are made by Marco Peter.

After that the final results called The Dance and the Mirror.


 Danielle looking at the results


 … and analysing

The final results

The Dance


The  Mirror

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