2012 april Amazing Geisha’ s

My New series – made in april 2012 – is called Amazing Geisha’s.
I was inspired by a book called Memoirs of a Geisha.
I was mesmorized by this wonderful book and seing the  movie I was even more enthousiastic.

Memoirs of a Geisha is a novel by American author Arhur Golden, published in 1997.
The novel  tells the fictional story of a Geisha  working in Kyoto, Japan, before and after World War II. 
It contains many Japanese terms for aspects of the geisha culture, occasionally using the Kyoto counterparts.

Eight years later, in 2005, a film version of this book starring Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi as the titular geisha was released.
Wonderful culture … wonderul frames .. a joy to watch!
Anyway that is myopinion!

For my own Amazing Geisha series I was able to work with a great team.
We could shoot ij a gym so we did have enough space  to work conveniently.

It was fun to work together with my friend and collegea Marjolein Audrey Banis A.K.A. Dasdot Dot
She is sooo creative … watch her web sie at http://www.dashdot.nl/

models: Sissi Pham and Jessica vd Berg
mua and hair: Corry van der Pluijm http://www.haarmakeup.com/corry-van-der-pluijm.html
styling: Letizia Luijs http://www.letizialuijs.com/
Dress: Larisa Katz http://www.larisakatz.com/
Photography in cooperation with my collegae photographer Dashdot Dot http://www.dashdot.nl/
Invaluable help: Marco Teljeur http://cofotografie.weebly.com/ and Wim Helmer http://wimhelmer.nl/#/home

Here some shots

This one is called Equilibrium with the wonderful Sissi Pham
Geisha Paint
the Tea Party with Jessica vd Berg and Sissi Pham
the Unbearable Lightness of Being