2012 march – La Penseuse

NEW series called ” La Penseuse ”
Inspiration : the old Greek statues

The great temples of the Classical era such as the Penthenon  in Athens, and the Temple of Zeus  at Olympia, required relief sculpture for decorative value, and sculpture in the round to fill the triangular fields .
The difficult aesthetic and technical challenge stimulated much in the way of sculptural innovation.
Unfortunately these works survive only in fragments, the most famous of which are the Panthenon marbles

I didn’t want to create marbles and old forgotten statues
So I asked my friend and wonderful model Jessica vd Berg to replace these  old concrete statues  … and she re created  a woderful ” statue ” in a devine way!

Her wondeful hair has been created by the hair specialist Yeliz Kaya
studio Ron Meijer



The next one is called Twins



the beauty Queen