2009 the Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch was one of my first  staged photoshoots – together with a photofriend, who contacted me with  this wonderful Wild Bunch of models Eva , Mayke, Vince, Marin  and their dog.
The name  for this shoot was stolen from my favorite music band called Massive Attack, who performed with their crew called the Wild Bunch.
These models were so inspiring to work with that I realised myself this was the form of  photography I really liked to do.

Of course it was very time consuming and took a lot of organising before the  actual  photos were made.
But with this  photography I was able to bring in my  story telling  elements … like into the old days when I was making my drawings.
A new world opened itself to me….

The  car  was owned by an very kind man – named Jim Hoekendijk – who was willing to  bring over his wicked car for a day.
I made this photoshoot  with an original 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer and an Airstream caravan.

This series was published in the Dutch photo magazine Focus

Eva knew perfectly to play the role I had in mind for her .. without telling  she knew exactly what I wanted …. great model!

… Ours  … Eva and Vince played their roles to perfection

Don’ t mess with them …