2009 Musica

Musica: In the period of one year I created a  series of 4 photos dedicated to the theme Music.

Idea – concept: I wanted to create story telling pictures in combination with musical instruments.
The basic elements were the wooden floor, the grey backdrop and a musical instrument.
It took me  a year to complete this series of 4 pictures.

Every photo has been shoot on separate day in the studio of my friend Ron Meijer www.ronmeijerfotografie.nl

Every photo does have another model and a different team I worked with.
So different teams which created styling and make up.

His Masters Voice:
His Masters Voice: was inspired by an old music manager I contsacted, who  had this wonderful first plathophones in history: His masters Voice.

Arriving at his house he told me the story about this  wonderful piece of old fashioned technique.
I fell in love with this wonderful aparatus.
He also showed me the orginal painting belonging and the original dog made op plaster.
Model: Rafaella Lorenza Huizinga
Make up and styling: Marcella van Doornum


Floor Suurland was the model at the radio photo shoot which was done in the studio of Marc Vreenegoor.
The old radio was the marriage present given to my parents by my grandfather when they married.
Model± Floor Suurland
hair ands make up± Adaja Vlok


Dena Massque was my wonderful next model in the Musica series.
The harp I could get from a local music store, who liked my pictures,  and used them in their shop.
Good deal since I can always get my musical instruments now  “for free” for my photoshoots.

The last, but certainly not the least,  is a photo I made with my dear friend Seraphine Strange.
Seraphine liked my pictues and mailed me with the question if we could work together.
” Well, no problem at all …”  since imho Phin is a super model, who knows how to pose very elegantly.
So this leads to this graceful photo  – I still do like a lot –  called ” the cello”.

Models series Musica:
His Masters Voice: Raffaellla Lorenza Huizinga
Radio: Floor Suurland
Trombone: Dena Massque
Cello: Seraphine Strange

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