2009 – His Masters Voice

Intriqued by this instrument called His Masters Voice I decided to make a photo series.

In February 1909, there was a company who introduced new labels featuring the famous trademark known as “His Master’s Voice“, generally referred to as HMV.
The latter had been designed by Theodore Birnbaum, an executive of the Gramophone Company  in Hanover, Germany.
An icon of the company was to become very well known – the picture of a dog listening to an early gramaphone .
The painting “His Master’s Voice” was made in the 1890′ s with the dog listening to an Edison cylinder phonograph, which was capable of recording as well as playing.

In 1899, Owen bought the painting from the artist, and asked him to paint over the Edison machine with a Gramophone, which he did.

I came across an old Dutch record selller in my home town Delft.
He was the owner of this magnificent piece of musical delight.
He invited me into his house and told me the story about His Masters Voice.

He also showed me one of the 3 original paintings in Holland.  It was hanging in his bedroom.
And he also owned the orignal dog in plaster.
I could borrow them for my series …. you can image how pleased I was.

Carefully brought all the stuff to the studio for this photoshoot.
The  exceptional model into this series is called Raffaella   – a talented  photographer herself’.
Mua and hair was done by Marcella van Doornum.